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FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted House

FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted House

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The moon shines down on the icy driveway before you. It’s inviting you to step closer to that blood-red door. The air is still, but the swing beside you sways. All you hear is a squeaky chilling creek, creek, creek. Those frosty windows conceal a secret. A secret you are desperate to know. You shiver in the cold, wondering what that secret could be. There’s only one way to find out…

Haunted House Puzzle Features ▼
  • Double-Sided 
  • Surprise image on the flip side
  • Original artwork on both sides
  • Compelling visual narrative
  • 500 Pieces (ideal size for flipping the puzzle over!)
  • Produced with ESKA Puzzle Blue Cardboard (durable, high-quality puzzle pieces)
  • *Suitable for puzzlers 12 years and older*
Puzzle Specifications ▼
  • High-Resolution, Vibrant Print
  • Matte Print (reduces glare when puzzling)
  • Puzzle Pieces: 2.1mm | Front Side (textured) Surprise Side (smooth)
  • Approx. Puzzle Dimensions: 13.39 x 18.9in. | 34 x 48cm


🧩 Concepts by Demi Christo & Melissa Bonne

🧩 Artwork by Melissa Bonne

See Haunted House Flipsi Complete (Flipsi Puzzling Board included)

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