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FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Farmhouse

FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Farmhouse

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Although this Farmhouse looks and smells abandoned, you are sure you heard something coming from inside. It wasn’t the bolt of lightning or the stirring of the windmill. It couldn’t have been the rain, and it sounded too big to be a bat. In front of you is a twisted barbwire fence. Its purpose is to keep you away. Still, you can’t help but think ….is there someone inside…? Is there something inside…?

Perfect for a gift, your next game night, or something fun to do on your own or as a family, this spooky and beautiful jigsaw puzzle builds in anticipation as you piece it together.

What's In The Box 🧩

Haunted Farmhouse Jigsaw Puzzle:

  • Double-sided
  • Surprise image on the flip side  
  • Original artwork on both sides
  • 500 Pieces (ideal size for flipping puzzle over!)
  • Produced with ESKA Puzzle Blue Cardboard (durable, high-quality puzzle pieces)
  • *Suitable for puzzlers 12 years and older*

    See: Haunted Farmhouse Flipsi Complete (Flipsi Puzzling Board included)

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    Premium quality

    Spine-tingling puzzle experience

    Perfect for a gift, your next game night or something fun to do on your own or as a family.



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