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FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle

FLIPSI PUZZLE: Haunted Castle

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From under an autumn tree, you set your site on a decaying, ruined Castle. The leaves above you rustle, and the sky looms ahead. There’s something eery about that Castle, and you want to stay away. You probably should stay away. But your curiosity is getting the better of you. You have to go inside. You have to see for yourself if the rumours are true…

Haunted Castle Puzzle Features ▼
  • Double-sided
  • Surprise image on the flip side
  • Original artwork on both sides
  • Compelling visual narrative
  • 500 Pieces (ideal size for flipping the puzzle over!)
  • Produced with ESKA Puzzle Blue Cardboard (durable, high-quality puzzle pieces)
  • *Suitable for puzzlers 12 years and older*
Puzzle Specifications ▼
  • High-Resolution, Vibrant Print
  • Matte Print (reduces glare when puzzling)
  • Puzzle Pieces: 2.1mm | Front Side (textured) Surprise Side (smooth)
  • Approx. Dimensions: 18.9 x 13.39in. | 48 x 34cm


🧩 Concepts by Demi Christo & Melissa Bonne

🧩 Artwork by Melissa Bonne

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