Meet the Creators

We are a couple of creative Aussies who have spent the better part of the past year imagining, developing, and creating what we believe will be a great addition to your puzzle collection, family game night or even simply a quiet day or night at home.

The idea for these puzzles was inspired by a double-sided surprise deck of cards that Melissa made for Demi shortly after they started dating. Each card was like a piece of a puzzle: on one side there was a part of a larger picture and on the other side was a surprise story. To read the story the picture needed to be put together first, in the same way that a jigsaw puzzle is put together. Once the picture was formed, Demi could then flip each card over and read the story.  




We both have a background in performance so bringing joy and entertainment to people is a passion and love that we both share. Developing these puzzles together has been a wonderful adventure and we are thrilled to be bringing what we've created to you all.

We hope you enjoy these puzzles as much as we have!

Demi & Melissa