We hope you enjoy these puzzles as much as we have!

We hope you enjoy these puzzles as much as we have!

Demi & Melissa are a couple of creative Aussies who love imagining, developing, and creating what they believe will be great additions to your puzzle collection, family game night or even simply a quiet day or night at home.

The idea for these double-sided surprise puzzles was inspired by a double-sided surprise deck of cards that Melissa made for Demi shortly after they started dating. Each card was like a piece of a puzzle: on one side, there was a part of a larger picture, and on the other side was a surprise story. To read the story, the picture needed to be put together first, in the same way, that a jigsaw puzzle is put together. Once the picture was formed, Demi could then flip each card over and read the story.

Bringing joy and entertainment to people all over the world is a passion and love they both share. So please enjoy each series, each puzzle...and each surprise.

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