Flipsi Puzzles FAQ

Do I need a Flipsi Puzzling Board?

The short answer is no. You can do a Flipsi Puzzle on any flat surface and then either:

1. Carefully lift the puzzle with two hands from two corners at the top and gently flip it over 

2. Use two pieces of cardboard: one to lay the puzzle on and another to put on top of the completed puzzle, to hold it in place as you flip the puzzle over.

Of course, we highly recommend investing in a Flipsi Puzzling Board or a Flipsi Complete, as the board is excellent to puzzle on and to keep your puzzle secure in between sessions. You will also be able to use the board for future Flipsi Puzzles.

What are double-sided surprise puzzles?

Our double-sided surprise puzzles are puzzles with original and vibrant artwork on both sides. On one side you have a picture that you will see on the box. The other side is a surprise image that is only revealed once you have assembled the puzzle and flipped it over.

Why 500 Pieces?

Once completed our puzzles are designed to be flipped over. So we needed to think about an overall size that would make the act of flipping the puzzle over simple and comfortable to do. We experimented with different size jigsaw puzzles and found that a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle was ideal: not too big to flip over, yet challenging enough for puzzlers. 

Will you ever do 1000 piece puzzles?

We are testing and experimenting with flipping larger puzzles over, and we hope to include 1000 piece puzzles in our product range in the future.

Will I be able to tell which side is which when sorting out puzzle pieces?

Yes! The front pieces will feel slightly different to the back pieces (surprise side). So even though there is artwork on both sides, sorting out which side is which can be done by touch alone.

What is ESKA Puzzle Blue Cardboard

ESKA Puzzle Blue Cardboard because is produced in a way that minimises the burden on our environment and is well renowned for its "rigidity, stability and durability, delivering the now famous LAY FLAT, STAY FLAT quality." You can learn more about ESKA here.

Why do you only ship to Australia and the USA?

We are a new company and only have Fulfilment Centres set up in the USA and Australia. We can ship to other countries via custom orders, so please email us for more details. In the future, we will be setting up Fulfilment Centres in other countries.